My Quilting Story

I learned to sew in high school when Home Economics was still offered. I was inspired by my mother who made clothing for my brother and me when we were children.

I did not begin quilting until after my daughter was born in 1993 & soon after began making T shirt quilts.

I was a runner & tri-athelete for many years & had so many beloved T shirts filling my drawers & closets and could not possibly part with. I taught myself to make T shirt quilts with many of those well worn T's - stains and all! I am still using those four throws today & I mean everyday, over 25 years later. Yes, T shirt quilts are extremely durable!

Eventually, my father, a fantastic photographer, gave me a hand-me-down, but super great photo printer and I began making photo memory quilts. It is especially rewarding to combine the use of photos with any kind of garment into a one-of-a-kind memory quilt.

By choice, I limit my custom quilts to about 15-20 per year as I still work full time in long term care as a registered dietitian.

This is my hobby and passion & how I spend much of my free time. I make many other beautiful quilts, other than T shirt or photo memory quilts, which I give as gifts, hang on walls, or put on my own beds. For fun, I attend quilt retreats twice a year in order to spend time sewing, with like-minded friends, without the distractions of house work or other responsibilities.

Another interest I have is animal welfare, especially community (aka feral or stray) cats. I volunteer with a local group that traps these cats (once we are called by their care-givers), have them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. They receive medical attention as well if injured.

I have a beautiful daughter, of whom I am very proud. She is a graduate of Florida State University (as am I ) and is now working as an Electrical Engineer.

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